All Electric Universe Pricing

Managed Services

Pricing for Managed Services Agreements are tailored to the unique needs of each business based on the following elements:

Site Support

Per location
Network management
Covers peripheral devices support

Standard User Management

Unlimited remote support
Supported devices include
Management, maintenance and monitoring for desktop and laptop devices

Premium User Management

For special staff with special needs

Basic Server Management

For basic file sharing servers
User management
Device monitoring and maintenance
Backup Management

Advanced Server Management

Deployment Solutions
Maintenance Solutions
Software Update Servers


OS X (inc server) $10
Windows Desktop $10
Windows Server $50


Electric Universe determines project pricing on flat-rate, outcomes focussed basis and will provide all of the time and resources necessary for achieving these outcomes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For one off projects

Ad-Hoc Support – $150ph, $120ph
(MSP & Monitoring Clients)

For general support enquiries & additional work not covered by a Managed Services Agreement.

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for Electric Universe


"They are always available and willing to help at a moments notice"

Gareth Gower, DAIS


"The outcome of this work far exceeded our expectations"


Music Industry College

"I would gladly recommend EU to any business looking to engage professional support"

Roslyn Wood – Business Manager, Music Industry College


"From the outset, they sought to understand how our business operates and provide tailored solutions to the issues we face."

Megan Griffith, Josephmark

Gareth Gower


"They are always available and willing to help at a moments notice"

Gareth Gower, DAIS

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